ill come back to life when himym s08 premieres on sept 24 good day and good bye


Actually Jesus was gay and saw some cute guys and was like “nail me ;)” but the Romans misinterpreted his flirtatious nature

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musicians:stop illegally downloading our music we're broke
kids:but we're broke too

it’s all fun and games until it’s season finale

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sometimes i wonder what my school marks would be like if i never made a tumblr but then i just shrug and blog about it instead

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writing about your feelings and then putting ‘idk’ at the end so you don’t sound like a faggot

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using the term ‘yolo’ sarcastically so often that you’re not really sure if you’re joking or not

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Tom: Travis, how are you doing? Are you gonna be okay?
Travis: Yes.
Tom: Oh, fuck! Nothing more needs to be said! Nothing fucking needs to be said, Mark!
Mark: I told you Travis talked!


if i had a penny for every time i made a careless mistake on math tests id be richer than oprah

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